From the beginning, the founding of Pink Apple has always been to make a difference in the educational realm. After nine years as an educator herself, our founder realized what was missing from education. Educators need a support system. With the look of education changing once again, many who have never considered themselves to be educators are now teaching regularly, remotely, homeschooling, in-person, hybrid, or virtually.

Our community of education has grown, and Pink Apple's contribution to teaching is to use its platform to support all educators. We often come across individuals and overlook the lessons before us, not realizing they are an educator with a valuable lesson. If you are homeschooling, you're an educator. If you are a mentor or coach of any sort, you're an educator. If you are a parent, aunt, or uncle, you're an educator. We at Pink Apple believe that everyone is an educator. Pink Apple's mission is to seize the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. All you need is a solid foundation, the fundamentals, and passion for your content.

We are here to support you when school is in or out of session. Let us make a difference in your life.


Skyler lives in Louisiana with her family. She began her professional career in education in 2012. Her passion for education led her to fulfilling her greatest dream, Pink Apple. 

Skyler created Pink Apple and The Lounge for you to join in on the conversation and share your perspective as an educator.